World Tourism Day 2016 - Tourism for All - Accessibility Test

reception of Retreat Serviced Apartments

World Tourism Day on 27 September 2016 was all about Tourism for All. A good opportunity to look at the accessibility of Retreat serviced apartments in Kathmandu.
So we did a little test ourselves and though most of our apartments are not suitable because their bathroom and bedrooms are not wide enough, We believe our Himalaya view apartment and Penthouse are reasonably accessible, please check out the story we created and watch the video's

But the best way to find out if Retreat Serviced Apartment is really accessible is for people who are using a wheelchair to stay in our apartment is you come find out.
Therefore we are offering 2 nights in our Penthouse or Himalaya view Apartment for the price of one night for the first person in a wheelchair who wants to help to test our accessibility. You can bring 3 friends or family members along with you. Send an email to if this is something for you. 

Accessibility test Retreat Serviced Apartments Kathmandu

To get an idea of an accessibility test for a serviced apartment we checked found this test on TripAdvisor.

Of course, the first step is getting to the apartment. That is a little tricky in Nepal, there is no wheelchair friendly transportation available, therefore you need to be brought by a big car with the wheelchair in the back. 

Then you need to be able to enter the building that is located on the Swayambhu Marg in Bijeswhori not far from the monkey temple

Good points of Retreat Serviced Apartments are:

  • Parking available with level floors to the elevator.
  • Guards and or friendly staff that helps to open doors where needed.



Accessibility with a wheelchair to the Penthouse of Retreat Serviced Apartments

After entering the building you have to go with a lift to the two apartments in retreat that are accessible for wheelchairs: the Himalaya View Apartment on the 6th and the Penthouse on the 7th floor.

After we come out of the lift there is a wide door to enter the apartments, in this case, the penthouse. There is a small metal plate to prevent dust coming in the apartment but this shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

The living room of the penthouse is wide and the terrace with excellent views is accessible. 

Penthouse Apartment fit for differently abled

All bedrooms in the penthouse are accessible for a wheelchair and the bathroom of the penthouse is big enough to drive inside. The shower part has an aluminum frame that might be a bit narrow to get in but we think it should be possible. 

The problem in the bathroom is that there is no handle to get a good grip that can help you get out of a wheelchair. 

Conclusion Accessibility Test Retreat Serviced Apartments Kathmandu

All and all it is not perfect in Retreat but we think it's possible we would love to hear your questions via phone, mail or via our Facebook