Top 5 Holi Celebration Tips in Kathmandu 2019

Celebrating Holi at Retreat Serviced Apartments Kathmandu

Holi- the festival of color will be celebrate in Kathmandu in march 2019.  During Holi, everyone in the streets will have their pockets filled with colors and not to forget the kids with water filled balloons.  It became tradition to play holi on the rooftop of Retreat Serviced Apartments, it's always a fun combination of staff, guests and friends playing with colors while enjoying music and delicious food. Underneath are Retreat Serviced Apartments top 5 tips on how to celebrate Holi in Kathmandu 2019.

1) Celebrate Holi 2019 Sensibly

enjoy Holi sensibly

It is always good to celebrate with your family, neighbors or close friends. But If you have a plan to roam around or attend an event then remember to play wisely. Do not try to celebrate with the uninterested ones. You don’t want to get yourself into unnecessary trouble by doing so. The safest way to be part of holi as a guest of Retreat Serviced Apartments is on our rooftop holi celebration. Check our photo album of our holi celebration 2016

2) Apply Lotion before you start playing Holi

applying lotion

It's a good idea to apply lotion on your skin before you start playing Holi. This makes it much easier to clean the hard to get rid of stains ! So, applying lotion properly all over your face, neck, and hands will be handy. It aslso reduces skin irritition, some used colors can be itchy. Luckily the bathrooms of Retreat Serviced Apartment have good showers that are always hot and have good water presure. 

3) Use Healthy Colors when playing Holi

Holi,the festival of colors

As the festival closes in, shops nearby will been flooded with a varieties of colors. But be aware before you use them. Not all colors are natural and can be allergic to your skin. While purchasing, make sure they are natural and are safe to use. If you are allergic to any kind of color than it is better if you avoid them and play with only water.

4) Do Not Drink and Drive During Holi

don't drink and drive

If you are planning to take a drink and relax then be sure there is someone to drive you home. You do not want an accident or get caught by the Police Security. The police controls very strict during Holi and much earlier then normal. If you get caught, your motorbike or vehicle will be stalled, for pick up later, you will be fined and you need to attain a class about the consequences of drinking and driving.  Just act responsible, take a taxi or get a ride when your drink during Holi. 

5) Protect your Gadgets and Documents during Holi

You might be walking with different colors on you through Kathmandu and the next thing you remember is being drenched from top to bottom. Surprised ??  Don’t be. That must be a bucket full of colorful water launched upon you. Yes, it is a common thing to happen that day. But the last thing you want is to soak you Gadgets and Driving Documents. So, covering them with a see through plastic properly will be helpful. If you do not want to take any risk than leaving your mobile and other gadgets back in the safe that every apartment of Retreat Serviced Apartment has would the best solution during holi in Kathmandu 2019.

We wish you all a Happy Holi 2019.

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