Staying Fit at Retreat

Women Drinking water

A healthy body and a healthy mind not only develops one’s capability to work but also can influence, in a better way, social, emotional, physical and mental state. When you travel somewhere, for work or just on a vacation, you would want to stay fit and we at Retreat understand it and we make sure your healthy routine is not broken.

Clean drinking water to stay fit at Retreat

Water is an essential aspect of your life but given the context of Kathmandu, one may think, would the drinking water be hygienic? Don’t worry, at Retreat we provide clean and healthy drinking water for free. So, drink water as often as you can leaving your worries at bay.  

Sunset view as seen from rooftop of Retreat Serviced Apartments

You would also want to take walk and refresh yourselves. And to make this interesting located just about 50 meters from Stupa of Swayambhunath, you can take your time to walk around the Stupa, enjoy the view and people. You can also enjoy the view of the sunrise with a cup of coffee and sunset with your favorites in the roof of Retreat.

Cooking healthy food to stay fit

Clean drinking water and refreshing yourself is one way of staying fit, but when it comes to staying healthy, Proper food is a major concern. A great food can change your state of mind. If you wish to cook yourselves you can be a chef in your fully equipped kitchen at Retreat. Shop for fresh groceries online in "" or take a short walk to “Big Mart” just about 10 minutes’ walk from Retreat. You can also get yourselves some meat and meat product from “Valley Cold Store” which is about 25 minutes’ walk from here.  

exercising at Retreat Serviced Apartments Apart from good food and water, mild exercise can have a great effect on your health. You might find difficulties getting accustomed to a new place and people and getting yourself a good place to stretch your body. You can keep your worries aside. At Retreat, we have an in-house Fitness Center with all necessary types of equipment where you can run a mile in treadmill or epilator, lift a few weight or train a little harder, it’s all here for you. You can always have your way and let off some steam.

Yoga at Retreat Serviced Apartments

If you are more subtle and prefer mild exercise and spiritual discipline, Retreat also runs Yoga Classes every Monday and Thursday evenings. You can do Yoga to help relieve your stress and stretch your body a little with Bhujanga Asana. Yoga has been proven to improve breathing, mood and reduce weight. You can also meditate in the open space of rooftop amidst the breathtaking view of Swayambhunath and the valley. The soothing sound of singing bowls can help in your meditation and attain peace of mind, which you can conveniently buy one via Kathmandu Gallery.

A whole day of working or long hours of flights can be tiring and hot shower bath is one way to treat yourself,  relieving all your stress and anxiety. With 24*7 running hot and cold water, you can take as much time as it suits your comfort. Hot water showers are proven to reduce insomnia and relieve stiff neck and shoulder. It also maintains better blood circulation. Proper rest and sleep are also crucial to maintain body fitness. With extra comfy mattresses, Air Conditioner, peaceful environment and rooms, you can take a power nap during your day and sleep comfortably throughout the nights. To make your stay healthier, we have plants placed at every apartment to keep indoors fresh and cool.

Locality around Retreat is very peaceful. Take a trip down the road to a local bookstore located at just about 4 minutes of walk, away from retreat or to Thamel which is about 10 minutes of ride away and pick yourself a good book to read.  Reading books can help focus, improve empathy and relieve anxiety. If reading a book is not something you are keen about then lounge in the spacious living room and enjoy a Netflix movie and relax the whole day enjoying the serenity.

Love your body and stay fit, stay away from factors that cause you harm, keep yourselves from the use of tobacco and such carcinogenic products. At Retreat we promote healthy environment so, all of our apartments are a “No Smoking” apartments. However, you are permitted to smoke in balcony or rooftop.