Serviced Apartment vs Hotel Rooms

Serviced apartments vs Hotel

Living away from home can be difficult. The comfort of home and the smell of homemade lunch and dinner cannot be beaten in any circumstances. To find an accommodation that feels like home is what we seek to find. While you might be struggling to choose between a serviced apartment or a hotel?
Here are the three reasons that a serviced apartment can be the best of your bargain:

Space and Privacy

Hotel rooms are generally in one space with a bedroom, an attached bathroom, and the living area but a serviced apartment can accommodate more people with spacious 2 Bedrooms and Bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. they provide more space and privacy and make your stay feel at home.

If you are planning to stay within a temporary location for a few weeks then, the price of hotel may add up and with a hotel, you have to pay for a hotel room with some amenities, including basic entertainment while in a serviced apartment, they provide you services with great value for money, you get to enjoy all the privacy and comfort of home, prepare your own meal at the time you please, order in or dine out in one of the local restaurants. 


In house fitness center; Retreat Serviced Apartments
Who would like to clean a room and wash clothes after a hectic day, right? In a serviced apartment, you don’t have to worry about tidying it up. It will be cleaned daily by the housekeeping staffs. Some serviced apartments provide laundry services and even has the in-house fitness center to let you off some steam and stay healthy. You can escape the heat or stay warm and cozy in the spacious apartment with 24/7 power backup, air conditioner, and high-speed internet or you can leisurely stroll around rooftop and enjoy sunrise and sunset. 

Retreat Serviced Apartment is always working for the full satisfaction of its customers. From hospitable and disaster-trained staffs to the best of the service it can provide, we are always looking after our customers so that they feel at home. We aim to provide the best of the service, comfort, space and privacy that suits your need.

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