Retreat Serviced Apartments For All Seasons

Guests reading at Retreat Serviced Apartments

Kathmandu is a very wonderful place to stay at because one can enjoy all five seasons (Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, and Winter) around the year. So a perfect accommodation is a must for you during your stay in Kathmandu and there couldn’t be a better place than “Retreat Serviced Apartments” to facilitate you with your needs.

Sand with Sun, Spring, and Summer has begun

There is nowhere better to “beat the heat” than Retreat Serviced Apartments. Our apartments are equipped with A/C which can be operated 24 hours in a day and our kitchen has a refrigerator where you can chill your beers or make ice cubes for your whiskey. If you don’t feel like going outside you can relax in your apartment watching Netflix or browsing Youtube videos without interruption which is backed up by our high-speed internet on the big screen of our smart T.V in all of our Deluxe Apartments. You can use the fully facilitated kitchen to make your own meal or can order food you want to have from famous outlets in Kathmandu online through  which will be delivered to your doorsteps.

Nepal is a country with a various culture and people with different ethnicity. Numerous ethnic group has their festivals in the summer, among them Bisket Jatra is one of the unique festivals which is celebrated in the Nepali new year. Arrangements of an air-conditioned vehicle along with a guide to the place can be made if you want to experience the Jatra first hand. You can enjoy the magnificent view of the Kathmandu city and mountains in the further distance from our rooftop since the sky is blue and clear those days. This is the time when Rhododendron the national flower of Nepal blooms as well. If you love flora and fauna this is the best season to visit.

It’s a muddy puddle mess outside and the sky is grumpy too, a perfect day to stay indoors and spend some time with you.

Monsoon is the season when you want to be cozy and comfortable in your apartment with your family or friends. Though it is pleasant to witness a rainy day, it has its drawbacks. The dirt, mud, and footsteps marks in the hallways is a sight you don’t want to see and you will not witness it at Retreat. Most of our guests give us a very high rating in our cleanliness and it is one of the main factors that we are well known for. If you feel like going out you can always grab an umbrella which is kept in the lobby area. If you need a taxi it will be called at the doorsteps of the building and you can get on it without getting soaked in the rain.If there is a blackout due to heavy rainfall we have inverters placed in every apartment so that you can continue using the electrical appliances and we also have a generator as backup. If you somehow manage to get your clothes dirty you can always drop it for a wash at our laundry. If you cannot go out on a Friday evening to enjoy due to rain you can always join our Friday sessions which are held inside the building every Fridays from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm. If you are a thrill seeker and want some adventure in the monsoon season, we can hook you up for a rafting trip with our partners.

Man singing in Rooftop session at Retreat Serviced Apartments

Hello, Autumn, I Have Waited So Long For You To Come

Autumn is the perfect season to travel to Nepal. With the summer gone and the winter to set in, it is considered the best season for trekking and sightseeing. The atmosphere is clear with a moderate sunshine and no rainfall. One can witness breathtaking views of the mountains from hill stations not far away from the city. If you want to go for trekking we can book you packages starting from a couple of days trip to around a month's’ trip. You can leave your luggage back with us which we safely store on our premises. Another reason to visit this time of the year is to witness the national festival of Nepal “Dashain and Tihar”. The whole country is in a festive mood and it would be a great experience for you to observe. We have a traditional event of “Kite Flying” on our rooftop with local delicacies served. Though it is a festive season we have our front desk services available throughout the holidays.

Guest looking at the sky and flying Kites on the rooftop of Retreat Serviced Apartments

Snow Collecting On The Ground, Winter Quiet Not a sound, Until I Hear A Christmas Bell, Chiming Clearly All Is Well

Winters can be very cold in Kathmandu. The temperatures drop down to freezing level during the nights. One can’t think of taking a shower in the morning or at the nights but at Retreat Serviced Apartments we have a facility of hot water 24 hours a day. Our A/C will make sure that you have a warm night's sleep in the chilling temperatures of winter. We have a balcony in every apartment where you can soak up some sun and if that is not enough you can go to the rooftop which is accessible for all and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Even though you are far away from home in a festive season we make sure that you celebrate them with us. We have a decorated Christmas tree with lobby area covered with gifts for all our guests. Imagine how your kids would love it. To celebrate the New Year we can recommend you the most happening events in the town as the New Year is celebrated in high spirits at Kathmandu. The events range out from decent dinner night to street festivals and clubbing.

Staying at Retreat Serviced Apartments has it’s own perks no matter whatever season you arrive. You will arrive as a guest and leave as a family after experiencing our value for money services and facilities. Hence, we would like to invite you to come and experience the quality at it’s best at one of the most successful serviced apartments in Nepal.