High Rise Building And Safety

Retreat Serviced Apartments building at Bijeshwori, Swayambhu Marg

‘‘Nepal quakes caused 'minimal damage' to Everest trails’’, ‘‘Quake-hit Nepal reopens Annapurna circuit after experts give all clear’’, ‘’Nepal re-opens damaged monuments to kick-start tourism after quakes’’ are few news headlines published in Reuters press. Yes, with far less damage than that anticipated prior and a $4.5 billion foreign assessment only, Nepal definitely is safe to travel and is recovering back. By now, most of the affected tourist destinations, travel routes, and hotels and apartments have been restored. The airports and roadways are safe and running smooth. The better thing is, after the devastating earthquake of 7.6 magnitudes last year, the safety standard of high-rise buildings here has been high and primary.

Security measures in Retreat Serviced Apartments

Retreat Serviced Apartments, equipped with 24×7 full security system is a symbol of High Rise Safety in Kathmandu valley. Thoroughly checked and approved buildings and infrastructures by Government and Non-Government Organizations, it feels pride in witnessing no injury and human damage during and after the devastating twin earthquake last year. Same holds true with the countless recurring aftershocks that the country has been noticing frequently till today. No doubt, stable pillar structures of the apartments have had a lot to do with this.

Retreat Serviced Apartments has been emphasizing this high-rise safety by having newest modern scientific security measures and parameters installed such as fire drill, earthquake drill and use of glass stickers on emergency doors. The fact is that these measures have proven to minimize the risk to a minimum level during unpleasant events and emergencies. Besides, conventional strategies of coping hazards including fire extinguishers, water hoses, emergency exit doors, and ladders have always been there. Most important of all, Retreat guarantees 24 hrs. Power backup ensuring the uninterrupted and flawless operation of all the installed safety measures as well as high level of customer satisfaction.